Deep In Debt? See How Brits Are Getting the Majority Of Their Debt Written Off...


Here’s what thousands of consumers are quickly learning about paying off their debt:

Debt is fast becoming the biggest financial problem in Britain. Brits have some of the highest credit card debts in the world and it does not stop there. Most people with heavy credit card debt are forced to borrow more - often from short-term loans or by getting additional credit cards. Both short-term loans and credit cards have insanely high interest charges and will quickly get you into serious financial trouble. Other debts such as catalogues, utility bills, payday loans are also spiralling out of control.

Once you are in this debt trap, things can spiral out of control very quickly. Fortunately there is a way out but most Brits do not know about this.

It’s true that the UK banks and other credit providers are making an obscene amount of money from people that are in financial difficulty, this is because normal everyday people like you and I are being hit with high penalties and interest for late or missed payments from our banks and other credit providers!

Using our method, could result in the majority of your debt being wiped! As you can imagine the banks and other credit providers will not be happy with this “way out” as they will no longer be able to charge you the high interests rates and penalties that they previously could.

Getting a Financial Life Line:

Fortunately iDebtPlan caught on and in 2015 and they set out to help people regain control of their ever growing debts, some drastic new measures were put in place to stop the greed that has made the banks and other credit providers rich and the people poor

Under these new measures, people with credit cards & other unsecured debts have a lot more options with the best case scenario, having much of their debt written off.

For most people a significant reduction in the monthly payments as well as the overall loan amount can be achieved when working with a debt management agency that know what they are doing.

Agencies like iDebtPlan™ have a long standing reputation in the UK and when you visit their website they can give you a free assessment.

Outstanding Mortgage Payments & Loan Debts:
Falling behind on mortgage and/or loan payments can quickly compound your finical woes. Once you fall behind its like treading water and the end result is usually foreclosure, repossession or even insolvency.

With the help of a good debt management service you can put an end to most of your worries almost immediately. Here's what they can do for you:

  • Get the majority of your debt written off
  • Potentially stop debt collectors from chasing you
  • An Individual Voluntary Arrangement freezes your debts and allows you to pay them back over a set period.
  • You can apply for help if you can afford to pay something towards your debts but not necessarily the full amount that your creditors want

By law, debt management agencies have the power to stop debt collectors as well as reduce your overall debt. If you have significant amount of debt you can get whatever you cannot afford to repay written off completely..

There are many options that you are most likely not aware of that can help you get rid of those nagging financial worries today. iDebtPlan™ have a free assessment available on their website.

How to Start and Get Control of Your Debt:
Step 1: Visit the website
Step 2: Complete the 5-step questionnaire
Step 3: See how much of your debt can get written off