How Are Mortgage Rates Determined?

Every rational mortgage shopper always seeks to get the lowest interest rates in their mortgage loan so that monthly payments can be as low as possible. However, due to lack of information...

How to Choose a Mortgage You Can Afford

While buying a house there are various things to be considered along with the facilities provided in it and its location. The main thing to be considered is its price.

Though buying a large mortgage with al amenities can be tempting for you but it cannot be a good financial idea if you cannot afford it. Then the question arises, how to choose an affordable mortgage? Some tips are provided here under which can help you in choosing a mortgage which you can afford...

The Worst Mortgage Advice You Could Get

Are you thinking about buying or refinancing a home in the near future? If so, chances are you're getting all kinds of advice from well-intentioned friends and family.

Just remember to keep this important piece of advice in mind: Don't listen to everything you hear. According to industry professionals, some words of wisdom are not wise at all.

To help you separate the bad advice from the good, check out five common statements that should cause you to cover your ears immediately.