Self Employed? Learn how to save 90% of your income today.

If you are self employed or are working as a contractor we are fairly confident that you are paying too much tax. Whatever your profession, when you take the step to becoming self employed or opting for freelance contracts rather than security of a full time job, you are taking on a huge responsibility and live without the financial foundations many people take for granted.

There are challenges everywhere, from securing work to maintaining relationships, chasing invoices, budgeting and of course, the legal responsibilities that come from HMRC and the challenges that many of us face trying to understand them.

Contractor Guardian is a business that has been set up to help self employed individuals manage their relationship with HMRC - from their monthly admin through to their insurances and tax returns. The team, who are endorsed by leading tax QCs and fully compliant with all current legislation, have been helping self employed individuals like you retain up to 90% of their earnings.

The team of expert financial administrators, tax advisors and account managers have been helping hundreds of self employed individuals, freelancers and contractors maximise the amount of money they get to take home. The team manage their clients tax related admin and provide clear advice and the very latest legislation details so that their take home pay is the very most it can be.

Whatever your income, or your current situation, the team at Contractor Guardian will be able to help you take home more money each month and save you huge amounts of time by handling all of your tax admin and HMRC engagement.

To understand how Contractor Guardian can help you, all you have to do is enter your day rate at One of our experts will get in touch with you to explain how we work, the benefits we can add to you and what we need in order to help you take home more money each month. Visit and let our team share their expertise so that you get to keep the very most of the rewards for yours.

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