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When kids are piling up their Christmas lists, most adults spend their time thinking, where did the time go? When did my little ones get so grown up? and 'when did my life become so much about work that I missed knowing the Christmas craze ahead of the crowd?'. If you are anything like me, you'll think, how am I still approaching December with financial caution when I spent the whole year working so hard and how on earth am I going to crack through my todo list in enough time to actually relax over Christmas?

I know I am not alone and I have wondered how the world got here. Surely we haven't always lived in a world that feels like a race, working, chasing our tail and chasing the extra bit of income that will make our families comfortable? I realised that the UK has transformed into a hub of self employment and with over 4.5 million people in the UK being recognised as self employed, I suppose it is easy to understand how we have become so short of time. For many self employment means being the sales department, the finance department, the receptionist and the product. There are, for example, labourers who around doing a full day's labour have to find their next job, raise their new invoice, chase their old invoice, manage their accounts and keep their trade licenses up to date. No wonder they aren't on top of this year's Christmas trends.

In reality, Santa can't give people more time or more money but he (ho ho ho) can help people realise being self employed doesn't have to be quite that challenging. Contractor Guardian takes most of the hassle out of being self employed and in turn, gives you a bit of extra time and a bit of extra money that will likely be just enough to make the world return to its pre-race self. Imagine not just the time and money Contractor Guardian could give you but the headaches, stress and brain space it will remove and reduce every month. Imagine how your mood throughout the month would change, knowing your hometime is your own. Imagine never having to worry about getting a fine from HMRC, never having the nag of paperwork or a worry that an unexpected tax bill might land because you haven't processed things properly.

This Christmas, Contractor Guardian is the solution you have been looking for and their expert team will be your financial angel, your paperwork elf and can deliver your gift on behalf of Santa. Contractor Guardian will manage all of your financial admin. They will liaise with HMRC on your behalf and whilst you enjoy a few hours of spare time, they will ensure you take home the majority of your income by knowing tax regulations inside out.

In reality, by allowing Contractor Guardian to focus on our expertise, you will be able to focus on yours and that will provide you with the precious time and extra money you are hoping for from Santa. With that covered by Contractor Guardian, you might have to think about what else to put on your Christmas wish list.

To make a resolution you can keep, and will be thankful of next Christmas visit and get in touch with a member of our team today.

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